Faculty Spotlight – Paul Jansen

Paul JansenPaul Jansen
Adjunct Professor, Haas School of Business and Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company

With 25 years experience as a consultant and thought-leader in the social sector, Paul brings tremendous value to our students and programs. Paul willingly rolls up his sleeves and works with students to structure the hard questions, connects students with valuable resources, and brings key leaders to class to enrich student learning with live cases and real life examples. Paul teaches Nonprofit Boards: Governance and Leadership and Social Sector Solutions at the Haas School of Business.

Paul co-founded and led McKinsey & Company’s Global Social Sector Practice serving leading nonprofits and foundations on issues of strategy and organization. He took up his nonprofit work after 17 years of service to for-profit companies on issues including corporate and product strategy, operations improvement, sales and marketing, organization effectiveness, acquisitions and alliances. He co-authored a widely publicized article in the Harvard Business Review with former Senator Bill Bradley in 2003, entitled The Non-Profit Sector’s $100 Billion Opportunity. He is the author of many articles and reports challenging sector beliefs about performance, including a co-authored report entitled, The Dynamic Board: Lessons from High-Performing Nonprofits. He currently serves on the boards of Care USA and San Francisco Zoo. Paul earned a chemical engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA at Harvard Business School.


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