Faculty Spotlight – Shashi Buluswar

Shashi Buluswar, PhD
Senior Fellow and Lecturer in International Development

Shashi Buluswar
“UC Berkeley provides the opportunity to do many things that are not possible anywhere else – teaching, research, strategic advising, developing groundbreaking scientific technologies – all in one place. I particularly enjoy working with Haas students because they understand the context of social problems and provide thoughtful strategies on solving social issues.”‘

Shashi Buluswar is the Center’s new Senior Fellow in International Development where he teaches Strategic Approaches to Global Social Impact to graduate and undergraduate students. In his senior roles at Dalberg and McKinsey, Shashi provided strategic advice to governments, the UN, NGOs and foundations on issues such as economic development, human rights, agriculture, climate change, education and post-conflict reconstruction. Shashi’s work with the Center includes a revolutionary initiative to create a policy for protecting people’s rights in situations of internal armed conflict in India, a project called Armed Conflict and People’s Rights.

Shashi is also the new Executive Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab: Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies (LIGTT), pronounced “light.” LIGTT’s ambitious mandate is to foster the discovery, development, and deployment of a generation of low-carbon, affordable technologies that will advance sustainable methods to fight global poverty. The White House recognized it as an institute that will help harness innovation for global development and lift people out of poverty. In a press release, President Obama said, “A core part of my global development strategy is harnessing the creativity and innovation of all sectors of our society to make progress that none of us can achieve alone.”

Click here to read more about Shashi’s background and accomplishments, including his Ph.D. in Robotics.


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