Berkeley-Haas MBAs lead as Net Impact Vice Presidents

Welcome Alma Rico, MBA 14, Net Impact Co-VP Nonprofit and Public Leadership

“There is a wonderful social-impact vibe at Berkeley-Haas. It was important for me to get an MBA instead of a graduate degree in a field like education. I believe that business skills are essential to the future of education, especially when it comes to some of the more innovative education organizations that are being developed.” Alma Rico was a consultant in the aerospace and defense sectors, but after serving for several years as a volunteer tutor, decided to merge her business expertise with her passion for lifting academic achievement among low-income children and minorities. This realization led her to Berkeley-Haas, where she is pursuing MBA studies with a focus on non-profit and entrepreneurship opportunities in the education sector. Alma knew she wanted to be deeply involved with the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership and saw the Net Impact Co-VP position as an opportunity to help the Center better connect the MBA community to the social sector. At Haas, Alma serves as a Board Fellow for Leadership High School and is a team lead for a Social Sector Solutions consulting project with the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley. She is a co-founder of Young Education Professionals-Bay Area and served as a volunteer teacher with Citizen Schools.

Welcome Christine Chu, MBA 14, Net Impact Co-VP Nonprofit and Public Leadership

“I came to Haas because I wanted to make a difference in the world and I knew that I could gain the experience and leadership skills at Haas to do so. I plan to work at a for-profit company upon graduation, but I wanted an avenue to explore and to have an impact in the social sector during my time at Haas. As VP of Non Profit and Public Leadership, I have the opportunity to help connect current, prospective, and past students to new and on-going opportunities as well as to help develop and grow the program.” Christine Chu is a first-year MBA-MPH student focusing on healthcare technology innovation. Having volunteered throughout her life with various organizations, Christine was previously involved as an Event Manager and Fundraising Lead with the San Francisco One Brick chapter, which provides support to local non-profit and community organizations. At Haas, Christine is co-President of the Haas Wine Industry Club and Haas Culinary Club and serves as a team lead for a Social Sector Solutions consulting project with the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California. Christine also holds leadership positions in the Haas Healthcare Association and Challenge For Charity (C4C).


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