Laura Callanan – New Haas Scholar in Residence

The Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership is pleased to welcome Laura Callanan, former McKinsey consultant, as our new Haas Scholar in Residence. Laura has vast experience as a consultant, author,

Scholar-in-residence Laura Callanan

and teacher in the field of social innovation. From 2008 to 2013, she was a Senior Expert in McKinsey’s New York office and a member of the Social Innovation Practice, where she led work on sustainable capitalism, social investing, foundation strategy and social innovation.

On March 6, 2013 Laura spoke at Haas about Social Impact Bonds and how they could work in the United States. Laura presented a McKinsey & Company report she co-authored called “From Potential to Action: Bringing Social Impact Bonds to the US,” the most comprehensive report to date on this new public-private approach to scaling social services. The event also featured Carla Javits, President of REDF, who discussed her organization’s proposal to implement a pay-for-success program in California.


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