Fall 2012 S3SE Students Follow Up with Client

Kota, Archana, Roy, Xiadong, and Paulina had worked with a SF-based social venture capital firm last fall through the S3 Social Enterprise class at Haas. Last month, the group met for lunch in San Francisco to follow up with their clients. Kota, who is graduating as a Haas MBA this May, was the team lead as they worked to build a database of the financial impact of social ventures to prove their dual impact to potential investors.

Kota Fukasawa - team lead

Kota Fukasawa – team lead

“Our clients shared the great news with us – they have been using our documents in meetings with their clients, and the reactions to our paper are ‘amazing’. They said that they were using the documents like a teaser and the results on the documents should be ‘directional’, but the impact is outstanding.” – Kota Fukasawa

A student from Japan who works for McKinsey-Tokyo, Kota came to Haas to develop his business skills and understand the social sector in the US. After completing his MBA, he aims to go back and develop the slim social sector in  Japan. He says that this class has helped him gain confidence in his leadership and ability to manage teams  by serving as the middleman for all the stakeholders in the project.

“I would recommend this class for MBA students because it’s a great chance to step back from the daily MBA life – you can’t be successful by just applying one specific skill, it is an opportunity to bring all the skills and resources together. “

The S3SE class will be offered in Fall 2013 (refer to the course webpage). MBAs can bid on MBA292S-1 and non-MBAs must fill out an application available on the course webpage by April 26th.


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