Cal MBAs at Stanford’s Challenge 4 Charity Sports Weekend

Berkeley – Haas MBAs attended Challenge 4 Charity’s final event – Sports Weekend at Stanford on the weekend of April 19th. Year round, Haas’s C4C team competes with eight other West Coast business schools through volunteering and fundraising to support Special Olympics and other family-related charities. This year Haas accrued a total of 2000 volunteer hours across about 500 MBAs. As a whole, the 9 West Coast business schools raised $700,000 to support Special Olympics.

At Sports Weekend, the teams compete in 28 athletic and sporting competitions as a collaborative and fun event to culminate the year’s efforts and award the winners. Golf, basketball, softball, football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee are only a few among the several competing activities that were held, not to mention parties throughout the weekend. USC’ Marshall School of Business was announced the overall winner that weekend, with a total of 6000 volunteer hours and $180,000 in fundraising money, while Stanford won the athletic competition.


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