Ernesto Dal Bó is Our New Faculty Research Director

Faculty Spotlight:  Ernesto Dal Bó, New Faculty Research Director, Haas Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership

Harold and Alice Furst Associate Professor of Management Philosophy and Values, Haas School of Business
Director, Berkeley Center for Political Economy (BCEP)
Associate Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley

“Thinking carefully about institutions and organizations in the realm of economics and politics is something that I am deeply passionate about. But teaching at Haas also means one has to put that thinking to the test of student challenge, in a way that improves our thinking, and pushes us to make it relevant for a world that needs changing.”

Ernesto Dal Bó teaches the core Ethics course in the full time and evening MBA programs at Haas, and doctoral courses on political institutions and governance. His research is in the intersection of economics and politics. He has done work on corruption, political influence, armed conflict, the self-perpetuation of political elites, as well as the selection and behavior of politicians and public servants. In addition to his teaching and research, Ernesto serves as PhD field advisor in the doctoral program in Business and Public Policy at Haas, and as director of the Berkeley Center for Political Economy, which brings together Berkeley scholars in that field. He is also on the faculty board of CEGA (Center for Effective Global Action) at Berkeley, and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). He earned his PhD in Economics at the University of Oxford. Full faculty bio


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