Encore Careers: Second Acts for the Greater Good

Community Partner Spotlight: Encore.org

Encore.org is building a movement to make it easier for millions of people to pursue “encore careers” that combine personal meaning, continued income and social impact in the second half of life. “This country’s 78 million boomers make up the largest, healthiest, best-educated population of Americans,” said Marc Freedman, founder and CEO of Encore.org. “They represent a tremendous opportunity for society.” Research from Encore.org and MetLife Foundation shows that 9 million people ages 44 to 70 are in encore careers, work that is both personally meaningful and serves the greater good. Thirty-one million more are interested in encores.

By elevating, enabling and expanding encore careers as the new social norm in American culture, Encore.org ‘s goal is to help experienced workers use their passion and know-how to address society’s toughest challenges. While Encore.org is not a job placement service, it provides free, comprehensive information that helps people transition to jobs in the nonprofit world and the public sector.

Photos Courtesy of Encore.org

Many who seek encore careers need help making the transition to what’s next. Colleges and universities represent a key pathway to encore careers but very few programs currently exist to provide transition help and the needed training and education to move into an encore career in such fields as education, healthcare, nonprofit management and leadership, social services or social entrepreneurship. “Our intent in supporting this initiative is to bring the need for pilots and best practices for encore education to the attention of higher education leaders. The Haas-Encore.org-Cordes partnership has helped to advance this agenda,” said Ron D. Cordes, BS 81, co-founder of the Cordes Foundation and an Encore.org board member.

The Center partnered with Encore.org, through a grant from the Cordes Foundation in 2012, to participate in Social Sector Solutions for Social Enterprises. In this consulting project, a team of Haas students led by Andrew Hattori, MBA 13, with a coach from The Bridgespan Group tackled the question of how the Haas School of Business could help early retirees apply their skills for social impact. The Haas team developed an environmental scan of university-sponsored, executive education-type offerings that help people seeking encore careers apply their skills and engage in meaningful paid and unpaid work to help solve the world’s challenging problems.

“I signed up to be a team lead for Social Sector Solutions for Social Enterprise because I was interested in working on challenges that nonprofit organizations face. Leading a diverse and dynamic team on the Encore.org project was challenging because we all had different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives, but the experience was extremely rewarding! I hope to continue to bring benefit to the social sector using my MBA to help organizations strengthen and deepen their community impact.” – Andrew Hattori, EWMBA 13, Communications Operations Manager at Public Policy Institute of California


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