Haas Staff Volunteer at the Oakland Zoo

An outdoor laboratory used by the Oakland Zoo to teach students about habitats is much improved after Berkeley-Haas staffers swept through wielding clippers, shovels, and rakes to clear the area of brush along the Arroyo Viejo Creek restoration project. The Zoo’s animals reaped benefits as well from Haas staffers who created chimp enrichment packets and potted native grasses that will be used to enhance animal habitats and zoo landscaping.

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It was all part of the first-ever Haas Staff Volunteer Day, organized by the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership and Engage@Haas – 72 enthusiastic Haas staff members participated on June 4, 2013. The service day exemplified Haas’ staff commitment to going “Beyond Yourself.”

“It was invigorating to see my colleagues rallying together to accomplish what seemed at first to be an inconceivable feat.” –Brandon Gardiner, Haas Facilities Coordinator   

A clean and beautiful stretch of the Arroyo Viejo Creek runs through the Oakland Zoo grounds, secretly flowing under the entrance road to the Park. The Arroyo Viejo Creek Restoration Project began with a mission to repair damaged and neglected stream areas by preventing bank erosion, increasing stability, and improving habitat for creek wildlife. The continuing restoration projects include removal of non-natives, planting of native habitat, holding classes in the six outdoor classrooms, and maintaining a connecting trail to the rest of Knowland Park. Haas Alumni also volunteered on this restoration project in August 2012.


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