Community Partner Spotlight – Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Institute at the Golden Gate

Muir Woods. The Marin Headlands. Crissy Field. Alcatraz. The Presidio.
These remarkable places benefit from the work of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (GGNPC), which has provided more than $165 million in support to the parks and rallied 250,000 community volunteers for their stewardship. As the nonprofit partner of the National Park Service (NPS) and the Presidio Trust, the Parks Conservancy embodies a spirit of cross-sector cooperation and draws on its history of cultivating productive relationships throughout the community. In 2008, in partnership with the NPS, the Parks Conservancy launched the Institute at the Golden Gate with a mission to “advance environmental preservation and global sustainability by facilitating cross-sector dialogue and collaboration, encouraging new partnerships, and promoting action.” The Institute brings together engaged leaders from across all sectors committed to advancing positive environmental change and global sustainability.

The Institute saw its mission come into sharper focus through the efforts of a Social Sector Solutions (S3) team. Last year, Della Huff (MBA ’11) led the S3 team that helped the Institute refine its strategic plan and set it on course for future success. Della explains, “[After initial research,] we expanded the scope of the project and worked on a Theory of Change for the Institute that delved deeply into understanding its key leverage points and selection criteria for choosing appropriate sustainability issues to tackle.” The S3 team presented a revised strategic plan that continues to shape the Institute’s work today. View a video featuring GGNPC on our Social Sector Solutions page.

Subsequent to her leadership in S3, Ms. Huff was invited to join the board of directors for a 1 year commitment as a Berkeley Board Fellow for 2010-2011. “MBAs have diverse skills that can be well-leveraged by nonprofits. As a Board Fellow I was able to use my skills to… address a problem I personally care about. The experience has been very fulfilling and meaningful” says Della. Indeed, S3 and Berkeley Board Fellows were key components of her MBA experience, “One of my goals during business school was to learn about the nonprofit world, and especially learn how to become a productive, contributing nonprofit board member after business school.”

Photos courtesy of Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy


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