BBF Kick-Off: David Riemer’s advice to mentors

The Berkeley Board Fellows welcomed 82 Fellows and 40 nonprofit organizations at the Kick-Off event on October 6. Professor Paul Jansen spoke to the Fellows while Executive-in-Residence at Haas David Riemer spoke to the mentors about how to make their participation in the Berkeley Board Fellows program a successful experience for both the board and the Fellows.

  1. Be a “booster” for the Fellows: Let everybody know what the Fellows’ strengths are and that the Fellows are there to make a contribution and to provide a different point of view.
  2. Immediately assign and integrate the Fellows into a committee: It’s a great way for the Fellows to get activated and really involved.
  3. Come up with a clear problem definition for the project: With a vague problem definition, it will be hard for the Fellows to do a good job of focusing, working with the staff, and knowing what to work on. With a crisp problem definition, the Fellows can come up with an affective solution that aligns with that problem definition.
  4. Encourage the Fellows to spend time with staff: In addition to meeting with the staff, Fellows should work on their projects with the staff. Make sure it’s easy for the Fellows to get access to the staff and to collaborate with them. Encourage the Fellows to use what they’re learning in school, especially from the “Problem Finding Problem Solving” class.
  5. Acknowledge the demands of being a student, but also remind the Fellows that they are representing the school, the program, and future Fellows.


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