Berkeley-Haas MBAs Have an Impact with Peer Funding


Kory Caro, MBA15

Since 2004, the Haas Social Impact Fund (HSIF) has provided funding to first-year, full-time Berkeley-Haas MBA students who will use their summer internships to have a social impact. The program allows recipients to leverage their background and Berkeley-Haas education on a project tackling social and environmental issues. Students typically work for organizations that serve the public interest but cannot offer to pay a “typical” MBA salary. HSIF benefits social impact employers by providing them access to much-needed MBA talent for summer projects that they could not otherwise afford.

“We really want to ensure that social impact organizations are able to compete with the private sector for MBA talent as well as provide an opportunity for Haas students to explore these MBA-level roles in the social sector,” MBAA Vice President of Community Robbie Heath said.

The HSIF is a true student led and student-run initiative. It is funded by first year Haas MBAs and alumni contributions. Students donate one day of their summer internship pay to the fund.

In 2014, the fund provided a total of $30,000 in awards to 12 students working on a wide variety of projects, including healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, and others. Kory Caro, MBA15 (above), helped several small businesses through the MBAs Across America.

Students with a passion for social impact are encouraged to apply. The deadline is 11:59 PM on Sunday, April 26. For more information about the fund and to download the application, please visit the HSIF website at, and feel free to contact with any questions about the application or how to get involved with the fund.

The fund has established a strong track record of success and impact.


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