We’re changing our name. And upping our game!

By: Ben Mangan

Executive Director

We have some big news to share. As we enter the second decade of leading social sector work at Berkeley-Haas, we are thrilled to announce that we’re changing our name – to the Center for Social Sector Leadership. Our spiffy new logo appears below:


We made this change because the social sector is growing and evolving– and so is the work of our Center.

Over the next century, leadership for social impact will increasingly emerge from all sectors of society – not just nonprofits and government. I believe that Berkeley-Haas is uniquely positioned to shape the leadership we need – across all sectors – to solve the greatest social, economic and environmental challenges we face. Indeed, as an exemplar of successful cross-sector collaboration, Berkeley-Haas has talismanic power in preparing the coming generations of leaders who will shape California, the nation and the world.

We aim to leverage this power to realize the Center’s vision – that millions of people around the planet will have measurably better lives because of the experiences and tools provided through our offerings.

Since its inception, this Center has been an incredible community asset – teaching thousands of students here at Haas through courses, and impacting countless lives through our Berkeley Board Fellows and Social Sector Solutions programs.  We will continue to grow these invaluable programs, while also starting new initiatives that broaden our courses, experiences and thinking about leadership and problem solving in the social sector.

Some of this exciting new work will emerge on campus and beyond in the coming months. Here are just a few examples:

  1. This summer, we’ll publish a snapshot of the social sector based on interviews with dozens of social impact leaders.
  2.  In late 2015, we’ll publish groundbreaking research by Nora Silver and Paul Jansen on Multi-Sector Leadership.
  3. This fall, we’ll offer a course on using Lean LaunchPad principles for social impact, in conjunction with Berkeley-Haas’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship.
  4. In the spring of 2016, we’ll premier educational offering for families and individuals seeking to increase their impact through philanthropy and impact investing.

And there’s much more to come beyond these four examples. We’re excited for this new chapter in the life of the Center and very happy to have you along for the ride. Upward and onward!


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