The Social Impact Collective: Using Philanthropy and Community to Deepen Social Impact

SIC-coverWe are excited to introduce The Social Impact Collective – a new opportunity for individuals and families who have the commitment and financial means to make transformative, lasting change in their communities and the world. The Social Impact Collective ( is anchored by a hybrid educational experience that begins with an in-person weekend (the Discovery Weekend) together at the inspiring Miramar Farms in Half Moon Bay, California, in March 2016. At the conclusion of the Discovery Weekend, members will have access to a custom-built, 6-week online course that helps them complete a social impact plan that will deepen the commitment and impact of their philanthropy. Members will have the opportunity to use this platform to form groups and giving circles, share information, and access tools that shape philanthropic decision. The group will reconvene at the conclusion of the online learning segment to share their impact plans and celebrate the philanthropic commitments they make.

Ben Mangan, Executive Director of CSSL and co-faculty director of the Collective, explains the genesis of the Program: “The launch of the Collective is a natural extension of Berkely-Haas’ global leadership on social impact. We have so much insight to share, and such a powerful network to leverage to position others to foster lasting change. In many ways, the Social Impact Collective reflects Berkeley’s mandate to serve the public good as a public institution.” The Collective brings this vision to life by leveraging the world-class educational assets of UC Berkeley and other leading institutions and organizations to guide members in their social impact journeys.

A meeting at Miramar Farms

A meeting at Miramar Farms

Becoming a member in the Collective starts with an application to join. Applicants who are accepted make a one time contribution of $10,000, of which $9,000 counts as a tax-deductible gift to UC Berkeley. When two or more friends, family members, or partners participate together, the cost of membership is reduced by 10%, to $9,000 per person. The Collective is ideal for high-net-worth individuals and families who seek:

  • Insight and guidance from world-class thinkers and doers in social impact.
  • An intimate cohort for support, connection, and potential collaboration.
  • A safe, confidential space free from solicitation.
  • An approach rooted in the four defining principles of Haas – to question the status quo, to have confidence without attitude, to go beyond yourself, and to be a student always.

To apply to join the Collective visit our website at


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