Community Partner Spotlight – Dalberg Global Development Advisors

Dalberg Global Development Advisors
“What I like most about Dalberg is working with an impressive team of highly skilled and intelligent people who are very passionate about improving global development. I’m currently working on a West African smallholder farming project, the backbone of African agriculture and food security, to double the size of farmers’ incomes.” – Emily Lutyens, MBA 2013

Dalberg is a strategic advisory firm that works to raise living standards in developing countries and address global challenges. Founded in 2001, this niche management consulting firm specializes in global development and globalization. The firm’s founders coordinated several public-private partnerships and recruited consultants to work with international development organizations. Dalberg now has 120 people from 30 nationalities working in 11 offices around the world (Copenhagen, Dakar, Geneva, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Nairobi, New York, Santiago, San Francisco, Washington D.C.), and has conducted over 600 projects in 80 countries. Its clients include corporations, foundations and NGOs operating in emerging and developing markets and national governments.

The Center’s partnership with Dalberg has led to several employment opportunities for our students. Haas students are attracted to Dalberg’s holistic approach to global development and commitment to serving the “silent client” – the people and communities in bottom-of-the pyramid populations. Dalberg proudly boasts that they are for-profit, but not profit-maximizing and they only take projects that advance the firm’s social mission.

Students who have recently worked for Dalberg include:

Rachel Sherman Subarna Mitra Abhay Nihalani Emily Lutyens Iris Shim Lina Vashee


Community Partners Spotlght – Northern California Grantmakers

Northern California Grantmakers (NCG)

For 30 years, Northern California Grantmakers (NCG) has supported philanthropists’ efforts to build relationships and share experiences to increase the impact of organized philanthropy. More than 170 grantmaking foundations and corporations make up NCG. Members have a combined annual grantmaking portfolio of over $3 billion, dispersed to charitable organizations in every funding area and impacting millions of lives.

NCG is a center of learning for practitioners interested in improving their effectiveness through better knowledge of social change issues, best practices in grantmaking, peer funders and grantees.

“We continue to foster a storytelling culture that highlights organized philanthropy’s unique role in communities. Our Snapshots of Philanthropy collection showcases the many ways our members invest in communities, whether through sustaining, leveraging, or partnering on key initiatives with local organizations or through public-private partnerships.” explains Colin Lacon, President and CEO of NCG.

The Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership has a strong connection with NCG, whose president, Colin Lacon, is co-instructor of the undergraduate experiential course Cal Strategic Philanthropy: Real Money, Real Impact. In the course, students identify and assess high-impact nonprofits and award $10,000 in funding. The funds are provided by the Learning by Giving Foundation (Doris Buffett) and the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund.

“Our connection with the Center is directly aligned with our mission to promote philanthropy, invest for social impact and to engage the next generation in this work. The Center provides a strong network, offers a questioning mindset, and helps broaden the philanthropic community. There is great value in this for NCG, which is asking how to engage, mine, and bring to the forefront these new ideas. This generation is asking new questions, taking bold action, and I believe will change the face of effective philanthropy.” says Colin Lacon.